Maverick Narrative Non-Fiction…New Year, New Titles

We're STEMing The Way With Our New Picture Book Titles

We are in for another exciting year here at Maverick, with a whole new range of picture books. Following the success of Alison Donald’s, The Spacesuit, we are following… suit with three brand new narrative non-fiction titles; Mister T.V., A Super Sticky Mistake and a fantastic sciencey, rhymey guide to Rainbows titled Why?

Mister TV – John Logie Baird loves inventing things! When he hears about another inventor who has built a machine to show real live pictures, John sets about trying to do the same. Equipped with bits and bobs found in his house, John begins a journey which will change the course of history forever.

A Super Sticky Mistake – Everyone makes mistakes and Harry Coover is no different. A brilliant scientist, Harry keeps making the same extra-sticky mistake but then he begins to wonder whether its not such a mistake after all…

Why? – Dad is quite confident in explaining how a rainbow is made to his curious daughter, but when she keeps repeating ‘why?’ his explanation spirals deep into sciencey lingo that has his brow sweating!


Publishing in May (Mister T.V.) and October (A Super Sticky Mistake and Why?), these books are bound to be a great addition to anyone’s bookshelf.

Check out more of our titles over at Hive.  

What does STEM mean? 
Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics
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