‘A winning combination that leaves the children wanting to read more.’ Kestrel Class Rate Yellow Early Readers

Kestrel Class have enjoyed reading a selection of our Early Readers, and our Yellow readers didn’t disappoint.

Can I Have A Dragon? by Elizabeth Dale, illustrated by Ellie O’Shea

Shared: I really liked this because at first, Dan wasn’t allowed to have a pet, even though what he really wanted was a pet dragon. Then when he went to the shop, he was allowed to buy a toy dragon egg. In the morning, however, the egg had hatched! It was a shock to me that there was a dragon inside! Dan got his dragon after all.

Misra: This book reminded me of magical dragon fairy tales. I love dragons so I was happy that Dan got his pet dragon after all. It was very cute and could fly!

Big Tooth by Jenny Jinks, illustrated by Daniel Limon

Maryum: All the fish were scared of Big Tooth. They thought he was going to eat them, so they all swam away and hid. But Big Tooth really just wanted to play Hide and Seek. They all became friends and had fun playing together. I liked this story because all the fish became friends and weren’t scared of Big Tooth any more. I learned that you shouldn’t be afraid of someone just because they are bigger than you. It was an excellent story.

Nahid: I chose this book because it is about fish and I like fish. I felt sad for Big Tooth at first because everyone swam away to hide, but then they all made friends and played hide and seek together. It was nice how they were all kind in the end.

Surfer Chimp by Alison Donald, illustrated by Gareth Robinson

Tayyibah: I love this book  because the animals help Chaz to win the surfing contest and he won because he was scared of the shark! That part was funny. The animals were very cute and I liked how Chaz was a monkey but could surf in the ocean.

Kane: Surfer Chimp is an outstanding book because it’s about a chimp who wins a surfing contest. I thought it was cool that he won because they are supposed to live in the jungle, not surf at the beach.

Buzz Off, Bee! by Jenny Jinks, illustrated by Giusi Capizzi

Karimah: Wow! I just loved this book! Bee looked everywhere for a flower, but every time he thought he saw one, it turned out to be something else. He did’t give up and finally he found a lovey garden full of beautiful flowers and bees. I loved the story and think everybody needs to read it!

Kevim: My thoughts about this book are that this was the nest heart-warming story ever because this bee wanted a flower and at the end he finds some flowers and friends. It was just the best and I was so happy for him. I think young kids will love this story too because they could read it by themselves.

Thank You, Mrs Wylie and Kestrel Class!
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