‘A very inventive way to get children reading and learning new things.’ Mrs Wylie’s Class Enjoys Our Non-Fiction Readers

Kestrel Class have enjoyed reading a selection of our Early Readers, and our Non-Fiction readers didn’t disappoint. 

Food For Thought (Purple Band)

Shaheda, Y4: I really liked this book because it tells us about food that is healthy for us. It also teaches you about proteins and vitamins and minerals and why they are important for us to grow and be strong. It also tells us about things we shouldn’t have too much of. It is an excellent book.

Kevin, Y4: This book was great and I learned a lot about healthy foods. I like the way the aliens are telling us about things. I think if a young child read this they would really like this and eat only healthy food. It made me want to try some new foods.

Wings and Wheels (Orange Band)

Imad, Y4: This book is all about transport. The aliens tell you about lots of different kinds of transport and how they work, like trams, buses and planes. It gives you lots of facts about them. I really enjoyed it because I like learning about big trucks and things.

Ladisav, Y4: I enjoyed reading this book because the aliens have funny names and tell you all about different kinds of cars and trucks. They also tell you about trams, boats, bikes and planes. It was fun to learn about them.

Mini beasts (Orange Band)

David, Y4: I thought this book was great because I saw creatures that I never knew existed. Also I learned facts about them.  I would recommend this book to people who like to learn about the mini beasts that can be found everywhere.

Thank you!
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