‘This humorous picture book is lively and full of action, it’s a fun first picture book for a young reader.’ Story Snug Reviews Froggy Day

Catherine from Story Snug has hopped on into Froggy Day, written by Heather Pindar with illustrations by Barbara Bakos;

This is the perfect picture book for frog lovers! Frogs cause traffic jams, hinder work on the building site and have fun at the fair. They’re everywhere you can think of and reactions to their presence and their antics are very mixed!

There are so many wonderful froggy twists in the language – frog horns, hop hop hooray and we love the froggy car references when the frogs cause traffic jams.

Barbara Bakos’ wonderfully busy illustrations are full of colour and fun details and some of the characters’ expressions are hilarious. The frogs make us laugh too, they can be found in all sorts of funny places – in a hamster wheel, in the supermarket bagging area and at the top of a mast!

Froggy Day is a great book to introduce new vocabulary and stimulate discussion about familiar places. Every page provides opportunities for counting, colour recognition and describing people and their emotions. It’s a really fun story for a nursery or Early Years classroom.

Thank You!
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