‘These stories have heart and they have conflict’ – Book Murmuration review

We are really happy to get such detailed reviews from Book Murmuration about four of our Early Readers across multiple colour book bands. Mole in Goal, King Pong, Jetpack Jelly and Pirate Parrot and the Knit-wits are all favourably reviewed.

“The Maverick Early Readers have been designed to fit with the Institute of Education book banding system. This grades books by their language style, layout, and phonics. Now, I have conflicting feelings about reading schemes. On the one hand, they do wonders in teaching children the nuts and bolts of language. On the other, I worry that readers are grading themselves too early. I have heard young readers refusing to pick books from lower bands because they believe they have graduated from those stories. 

So why did I agree to review a reading scheme? The Early Readers series presents such attractive art, and such appealing stories, that I hope it will encourage readers to revisit their old favourites long after they have moved on in terms of language skill. These stories have heart and they have conflict. I also noticed that the banding is done subtly. There is one small symbol on the front cover, but otherwise it looks like a standard book.”

You can read the full review here


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