‘Perfect for teaching children about the importance of fighting for what you believe in.’ Trailblazer Blog Tour, Day 4

Kate Poels is leading day four of our Trailblazer Blog Tour, take a look to see what she thought of our newst narrative non-fiction book;

This fascinating non-fiction picture book tells the story of Lily Parr, one of the pioneering women’s football players of the early 20th century. Full of incredible facts about the history of women’s football and the prejudice and difficulties players of Lily’s era had to deal with, this book also tells a story.

It tells us of a formidable woman who fought for what she was passionate about despite the enormous obstacles in her way. It also tells us about some of the amazing people who supported and encouraged Lily and her fellow sportswomen.

Anyone who knows me will know that I am absolutely not a fan of football however I was captivated by Lily’s story and completely taken in by her tenacity and passion.
Set out in a very accessible way, we are led through Lily’s personal journey and fed facts to further our understanding.

This book is perfect for teaching children about the importance of fighting for what you believe in. It’s also an important glimpse into our past and a reminder that equal opportunities are something we should endeavour to strive for. By learning about the injustices of the past, we can teach our children to spot them in their present and work to put them right?

Thank You!
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