Turquoise Band / Level 7

AuthorKimara Nye
IllustratorMarcin Bruchnalski
Format15x21cm, 32pg, SB
Publication Date28/02/16
AR Rating
ISBN 978-1-84886-193-0         RRP £5.99

The Four Little Pigs


Tom’s granny is a witch and when Tom says that The Three Little Pigs story is boring, Granny uses a spell to ‘magic’ him into the book. Tom must be clever to avoid the big bad wolf!


Turquoise Band Structure

  • 600-800 words, one story per book with a quiz.
  • There are no specific phonic requirements by this stage; most children will have finished formally learning phonics and they will be automatically applying phonic knowledge as they read.
  • As stories become longer, children may need to use their prediction skills more, including prediction throughout a text and not just at the start.
  • Longer stories give opportunities to develop a plot across a greater number of pages, however the language continues to avoid being too complex or sophisticated.
  • Plots are still mostly simple and linear, without subplots, but there can be a bit more variation in dialogue and a greater range of sentence structures and lengths than at previous levels.