‘This is now one of the most popular books in our household it has been read a number of times.’ BizzieBaby Product Testers Review Tamara Small and the Monsters’ Ball

The BizzieBaby product testers have been busy reviewing Tamara Small and the Monters’ Ball, written by Giles Paley-Phillips with ghouly illustrations by Gabriele Antonini;

Product Tested By Julie Golding – Esme 4 years

Julie Awarded The Maverick Book – Tamara Small and the Monsters Ball 5/5

This book looks like a well-made, good quality book with lovely bright illustrations. Both the cover and pages of the book feel robust and of good quality.  At first I was a little apprehensive about reading the book to my daughter as we spend most evenings explaining to her that monsters don’t exist.  However, she didn’t seem worried by this and onceshe discovered how much fun the monsters had dancing at the ‘AnnualMonsters Ball’ she really enjoyed the book. The illustrations are fantastic -for a book that is set at night time they are very brightand colourful.  My daughter particularly enjoyed looking at the pictures of Tamara and the monsters on the dance floor. My daughter loves this book and sher equests the book most evenings before bed now and knows most of the words before I read them!  As mentioned before I was worried that a book about monsters may scare my daughter but she didn’t seem phased by this when I read her the title. She particularly enjoys the dancing at the ball andwhen Tamara is given a cake made of slime. Most definitely stimulating read -she is captivated by the fantastic rhyming, and colourful illustrations and does not lose interest in the book which I have found her do with other children’s books. It is a lovely book and definitelyat the right price of £6.99.  I would not usually pay any more for a book like this. I would consider purchasing the sequel. Although I had not heard of the author before receiving this book I will definitely look at his other books. I have read the book to our friend’s children and they really enjoyed it too. I really enjoyed reading this book to my daughter and it was lovely to see how much she enjoyed it. This is now one of the most popular books in our household it has been read a number of times. Julie Golding – Esme 4 Years

Product Tested By Smeera Lauder – Leila & Yori – 4.5 Years and 16 Months

Smeera Awarded The Maverick Book – Tamara Small and the Monsters Ball 4.4/5

Good illustrations and capturing story.  Sturdy paper and good size for two children to look at simultaneously. Yori enjoyed the pictures which were nice and big for his age. Leila loved it – the illustrations are great.  Leila particularly enjoyed looking at the different expressions and the various monsters.  Neither child reads but both loved having it read to them. The story did not stand out in any particular way to my daughter.  She has not specifically asked for it although we have read it a few times.  It is not particularly stimulating – the‘gory’ elements seem fun for her e.g. the slime cake. Great illustrations, simple story and good message of acceptance that children will no doubt take in. This book is very good value for money. I would consider purchasing the sequel and would recommend. As my daughter gets older it is not just the initial impact of a book that is important it is the message it gives which she is more able to articulate.  This book was able to bring out this in my daughter. SmeeraLauder – Leila & Yori – 4.5 years and 16 Months

Product Tested By Danielle Minshall – Aiden & Jenson – 4 & 3 Years

Danielle Awarded The Maverick Book –Tamara Small and the Monsters Ball 5/5

Pictures are bright and bold;  the boys were interested in looking at the different pages.  Fab quality for a paperback.  It did get taken on a car journey and still looks good as new. The boys enjoyed the booked and wanted to talk about the pages. Brilliant drawings nice and big. We read the book many times continuously pointing bits out from the pictures. With it being Halloween it was very apt and they pointed to pictures deciding who was going to be whom.  They enjoyed it. This is a stimulating book as the bold big pictures helped and kept them interested. I really liked the book.  It was nice to have a girl as the main character and having monsters and ghouls in it as well made it unisex. Compared to other books on the market this is good value for money. I would beinterested to see what other titles were in the sequel as I would consider purchasing. I would recommend. Big drawings filling the pages, the right amount of writing and brilliant illustrations.  A very good read with children. Defiantly a book we will read again and again.  Danielle Minshall – Aiden & Jenson – 4 &3 Years

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