‘This book would made a great addition to any home library or early years classroom!’ Helen Ishmurzin Reviews Julie Fultons, Mister T.V.

Helen Ishmurzin has reviewed our second narrative non-fiction, Mister T.V. by Julie Fulton and Patrick Corrigan;

Mister T.V. is an informative, child-friendly and humorous autobiography of John Logie Baird – the Scottish inventor of the first television set.

From the simple but functional telephone lines that Baird created as a child in order to talk to other children in his neighbourhood, to inventions of varying success in his early adult years (such as a glass razor that didn’t rust, but instead broke!), right through to the first successful trial of the “televisor”, as Baird called his television, Mister T.V. is a fascinating portrait of an inspirational figure who dramatically changed the shape of society by inventing and marketing something that is such a huge part of today’s world.

The story also contains important messages for children about not giving up when faced with failure, being resourceful (Baird used any bits and bobs he could find such as biscuit tins, string and wax!) and thinking outside the box (no pun intended!).

Patrick Corrigan’s charming illustrations really bring to life Baird’s early inventions, his gradual development of the television, and the various historical periods that form the backdrop of the story.

Front and back matter provide fun facts, an author’s note and a historical timeline of global events and of Baird’s life. This book would made a great addition to any home library or early years classroom!

Thank you, Helen!
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