My Book Corner Kick’s Off The Trailblazer Blog Tour, Day 1

Sarah and Emma over at My Book Corner have been able to chat with author, Elizabeth Dale, asking her their infamous author questions; 
Tell us about you in 25 words or less.

I adore writing for children – the best job in the world! I’ve had 84 books accepted/published and my three daughters are children’s authors too.

Your latest book, Trailblazer, is hitting the shelves. Can you tell us how your it came to be?

When I heard that a statue was erected by the FA to Lily Parr last year, I wanted to find out her story. I was stunned to read about her amazing life, just how incredibly popular women’s football was a hundred years ago and the obstacles she and her team-mates had to overcome to pursue their footballing dream. I knew then it was a story I had to tell and that all children would hopefully want to read.

Ok, here’s a challenge… can you sum up your book in five words? [runs and hides!]

Female Footballers Follow Their Dream. (If I could have an extra two words I would put ‘Female Footballers Fight to Follow Their Dream!’)

What does a typical day look like for you?

I’m a bit of a workaholic – but simply because I love writing so much. I am usually working at my laptop by 7. And then I spend approximately eleven hours on and off, chasing up manuscripts, but most of all writing, whether it’s editing or writing something new! I try to fit in a walk or other exercise. However on sunny days I am out in the garden plotting and thinking up ideas. Bliss!

What makes you happy?

Writing! Getting a book accepted! Time with family, country walks, reading and holidays in the mountains or by the sea. Oh and it’s so, so wonderful to see children enjoying reading/listening to my books.

What’s on your TBR pile at the moment?

Lampie by Annet Schaap, One by Sarah Crossan, A Girl Called Owl by Amy Wilson

What’s your worst habit?

Untidiness! In my writing it’s using too many !!!!s (see?!!)

Your favourite word(s)?

I love words that you can really put expression into – Incredible! Amazing! Catastrophe! I love using alliteration to combine words – as in my book The Carrot Cake Catastrophe. And early next year Maverick will be publishing Mix-up Monday!

Thank you!
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Trailblazer is available to order now!