Maverick Publishing’s Unmissable Extra Discount Offer with Peters Books

Back to School Early Readers Discount

Maverick Publishing are delighted to be working with Peters Library Services who are able to offer our early reader books at an extra special discount. 

Customers who visit the Peters Library Services showroom will have a welcome treat of having a sneak peak at our early reader carousel.  

Containing 100 different titles with bands ranging from Pink (level 1) to White (level 10). Our book carousel will be displayed in the Peters Library Services showroom which is located in Birmingham. This fabulous extra discount offer is available from August all the way through to Monday 21st October! 


Peters Showroom Maverick Display

For more information on the products and services Peters supply head over to their website: 
or contact: [email protected]

Peters Library Services – 
Peters Ltd
120 Bromsgrove Street,
Birmingham, B5 6RJ

Showroom Assistant, Sam, with our Display.
For more information on our Maverick Early Reader Scheme head to our dedicated early reader website: