‘If these are the books they are reading, then they should be off to a great start’ – Review by Chez L’Abeille about our Gold Early Readers

Cathy, teacher and reviewer at Chez L’Abeille, has posted another wonderful review of our latest Gold Early Readers, published in March:

‘Looking at the new additions to the Maverick Early Readers at the Gold Band level, I think Year Two teachers will find plenty to support children develop these essential building blocks towards independent reading. Each one is a five chapter book, which will build reading stamina. On top of that they are great stories that are fun to read.’

The Spooky Sleepover by Elizabeth Dale with illustrations by Steve Wood (Gold Book Band). ‘This story manages the balance between being scary but not TOO scary very well indeed! The lovely black and white illustrations work well, as the girls explore the night-time house, where every sound is different to the familiar day time world.’

The Magic Music Box by Katie Dale with illustrations by Giovana Medeiros (Gold Book Band). ‘Things don’t go as the reader may predict – and this is my favourite part of the story. In a time when talent shows are seen as THE way to achieve success, it’s heartening to have a story where hard work and practice are the virtues that get rewarded.’

The Chicken Knitters by Cath Jones with illustrations by Sean Longcroft (Gold Book Band). ‘What I particularly liked is the way environmental and animal welfare issues are carefully integrated into the story. This book would provide a good launch point for discussion around these points.’

The Coach, the Shoes and the Football by Katie Dale with illustrations by Ellie Oshea (Gold Book Band).  ‘I liked the way the story references the traditional tale [of Cinderella], but makes it a modern version – perfect for prompting similar re-telling of traditional tales from a different angle.’

Thank you Cathy! Read the full review here.

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