‘Full of fun and stuffed with giggles, this clever story about blurred identity was a joy to read’ Kate Poels Cruises Through Audrey Orr and the Robot Rage

Kate Poels has cruised through Jenny Moore’s second adventure middle grade, Audrey Orr and the Robot Rage;

What’s to be done when your family have won a cruise to Norway but your headteacher won’t give you time off school? For Audrey there is only one solution. Commission a robot double to stand in for you in class.

Awesome, the robot, seems perfect and so realistic that Audrey is sure nothing can go wrong.
Her mind is changed completely however when Awesome gives her a sleeping draught, locks her in a wardrobe and takes her place on the cruise. With the help of her more than brilliant grandad, Audrey manages to catch up with her unsuspecting parents and join the ship before it leaves. But her troubles are not over, as Awesome has plenty more in store for her. And it’s very difficult to thwart your nemesis when they look and sound so much like you, not even your own parents can tell you apart.

Full of fun and stuffed with giggles, this clever story about blurred identity was a joy to read. I now have the added delight of listening to my daughter chuckle as she reads about a grandad who knits everything from hankies to viking helmets.

I also love the fact that the main character has a patched eye, as this is something seen in most primary schools but not often in the stories they house.

A fabulously unusual adventure story that will make you think twice before trying to solve your problems with robot-power!


How AWESOME, thank you Kate!
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