Chapter Readers / Level 11, 12 & 13

AuthorJenny Jinks
IllustratorCarolina Coroa
Format15x21cm, 48pg, SB
Publication Date28/11/2020
AR Rating
ISBN 978-1-84886-731-4         RRP £6.99

The Trouble with Gnomes


When Hettie is playing hide and seek with her best friend, she ends up falling down a sinkhole. Little does she know that this actually leads to a secret underground kingdom full of gnomes! The gnomes all bow down to Hettie, thinking she is a great hero who has come to save their home from an army of monsters. But Hettie’s just a normal kid… can she really become a hero and save them?


Chapter Readers Structure

Lime Band (Level 11)
Total word count approx. 1500-2000
Approx. 60-100 words per page

Brown Band (Level 12)
Total word count approx. 2000-3200
Approx. 80-110 words per page

Grey Band (Level 13)
Total word count approx. 3200-4500