Blue Band / Level 4

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AuthorCath Jones
IllustratorPaul Nicholls
Format15x21cm, 32pg, SB
Publication Date28/08/2017
AR Rating
ISBN 978-1-84886-294-4        RRP £5.99

The Smart Hat


The Queen has ordered a new hat for her party but she gets a brown owl instead!  Will she be able to go to the party without her smart hat?


Blue Band Structure

  • 150-200 words, one story per book with a quiz.
  • Words covering the phonic patterns introduced at earlier levels, plus blending two or three consonants at the beginning, middle or end of words (e.g. stick, strap, stamping, wasp). 
  • Up to three lines of text per page. Sentence structures can now be more varied than at earlier levels, though still simple and speechlike.
  • There is beginning to be more variety in the types of story included, with scope for some that are less familiar in setting.