Chapter Readers / Level 11, 12 & 13

AuthorJill Atkins
IllustratorAmy Lane
Format15x21cm, 48pg, SB
Publication Date28/08/2022
AR Rating
ISBN 978-1-84886-911-0         RRP £6.99

The Secret of the Old Mill


When Cassie discovers a book in the library with her name on it, she can’t believe how much it mirrors her own life. After a series of strange coincidences, she is convinced that her book can tell the future. But will anyone else believe her in time to keep Grandad out of danger?


Chapter Readers Structure

Lime Band (Level 11)
Total word count approx. 1500-2000
Approx. 60-100 words per page

Brown Band (Level 12)
Total word count approx. 2000-3200
Approx. 80-110 words per page

Grey Band (Level 13)
Total word count approx. 3200-4500