Chapter Readers / Level 11, 12 & 13

AuthorJenny Moore
IllustratorCan Tugrul
Format15x21cm, 48pg, SB
Publication Date28/02/2021
AR Rating
ISBN 978-1-84886-801-4         RRP £6.99

Ship of Bones


Homesick cabin boy Davy isn’t a very good sailor. He hates heights, feels sick from the swaying sea and ruins the ship stew with too much pepper. The only thing that keeps him going are the crazy stories Cook tells about the grizzly sea monsters. But when a huge wave sweeps him overboard, Davy finds himself in much stormier waters… and on the ship of a vengeful skeletal pirate captain! How will Davy get home now?!


Chapter Readers Structure

Lime Band (Level 11)
Total word count approx. 1500-2000
Approx. 60-100 words per page

Brown Band (Level 12)
Total word count approx. 2000-3200
Approx. 80-110 words per page

Grey Band (Level 13)
Total word count approx. 3200-4500