Orange Band / Level 6

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AuthorAmanda Brandon
IllustratorCatalina Echeverri
Format15x21cm, 32pg, SB
Publication Date28/11/2018
AR Rating
ISBN 978-1-84886-387-3         RRP £5.99

A Knit and a Knot


Granny Mutton is teaching Lionel to knit. But her new red wool is missing! Can Lionel and his friend Rocky solve the clues to find the missing wool? Or will they tie themselves in knots?


Orange Band Structure

  • 300-450 words, one story per book with a quiz.
  • All the phonic requirements for Green and below.
  • Although most words are now decodable, we still take care that the vocabulary used is familiar to children. Children should already have met the vast majority of words in the books, although slightly less familiar variants may be used. So for example, the word ‘enormous’ might be used instead of ‘big’ – but probably not ‘gargantuan’!
  • Story plots may be worked out in more detail over a greater number of pages than before.
  • Stories may have an identifiable theme (e.g. ‘stopping bullying’, ‘being brave’, ‘friendship’, etc.). 
  • Children may need to use prediction skills and inference more often, e.g. to follow the plot, appreciate suspense or work out what will happen next.