‘A genuinely very funny story that clearly delivers a strong message about bravery and positivity’ Father Reading Reviews The Knight Who Might

Kieron, T and L over at Father Reading have snatched up an ARC of Lou Treleaven’s upcoming picture book, The Knight Who Might – with illustrations by the talented, Kyle Beckett;

The Knight Who Might is a young lad who tries with all his might to be a knight. Sadly he isn’t up to much as a knight, always falling off his horse, sticking his sword in all the wrong places and making a mess of his armour. Despite this, he is filled with positivity and eager to makes his dreams of being a knight come true.

Sadly, that positivity isn’t shared by his equipment and, when they hear of his plans to enter a tournament for knights, his horse, sword and helmet quickly hide themselves away! Even this doesn’t dampen the spirits of The Knight Who Might and he heads out alone. Eventually, the Knight’s friends see sense, but surely no amount of friendship and positive mental attitude will help when they have to face The Lord With The Scary Looking Sword?!?!

With really love Lou and she has smashed it once again here! This is a genuinely very funny story (who doesn’t enjoy a talking helmet with attitude) that clearly delivers a strong message about bravery and positivity whilst avoiding any of the cheesiness that you sometimes roll your eyes through when reading books for young children. The illustrations are modern and silly, with a slapstick humour all of their own. T and L both really enjoyed it, T demanding a second read by himself and telling me, “that was really funny and the talking horse was so cool!”

Thank you!
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The Knight Who Might is coming this August! So Pre-Order your copy here!